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6 steps to get your money Sorted

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Guided by Matariki, it’s the perfect time to think ahead

27 June 2024
Reading time: 3 minutes

Posted by Erin Thompson , 1 Comments

Ko Matariki te whetū hei arataki e
A tutuki noa ki te mutunga
Puritia ngā tohutohu o te wā
Kia manawanui, kia rangimarie.
                        na Tuini Ngāwai

Matariki is the star that guides us
To pursue our aspirations to fruition
Take heed of the signs before us
(So that we may) be resolute and at peace
                         by Tuini Ngāwai

Matariki has risen, bringing with it many signs for the year ahead. The constellation of stars also known as Pleiades is clearly seen during winter and heralds a time to acknowledge and appreciate the many gifts of the past year, and look forward to the months to come. It’s a time to send off loved ones who’ve passed to sit in the sky as stars, a time to share our harvest and offer the first fruits of the year to the heavens, and a time to study intently the myriad stars and their many signs, to understand what the year ahead might look like and plan ahead. Tihei mauri ora!

Matariki gives us a chance to reflect on the challenges and successes of the past year and prepare for new opportunities. What are the aspirations that you can plan for during this time?

This year, 2024, marks Aotearoa’s third annual celebration of Matariki as a national holiday and the beginning of the Māori New Year. The celebration is guided by three major principles: to remember, to celebrate and to look forward. 

One of the observations commonly made during this time is the desire people share to look after each other. How could we use this observation to support our understanding of financial capability and how to plan for retirement? This Matariki, you might like to consider your financial wellbeing and set a course that will put you and your whānau in the best position for the future. It might not be an easy journey, but if you think about your current costs of living or the debt you carry, what are some simple strategies you can implement that will help ensure you can meet your obligations? Sorted provides a range of guides, blogs and tools designed to help you to create a good financial plan, including a goal planner, a budgeting tool and a debt calculator.

As we take the time to study Matariki and interpret the signs it brings, we should also take the time to consider our financial future, for the wellbeing of us all. As our kōkā Tuini reminds us, let’s take hold of the many signs before us, signs that will guide us to be resolute and at peace.

Comments (1)


  • Gravatar for Kessie Kohu

    29 June 22
    Kessie Kohu

    Thank you for sharing Tuini Ngawai korero. Awesome. Nga Mihi

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