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6 steps to get your money Sorted
6 steps to get your money Sorted

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Your KiwiSaver grows with contributions from you, employers, the government and investment returns.


There’s much more than just your money going in.

Make the most of KiwiSaver

WHY? If you’re an employee and put in 3% of your salary, your employer will match it with another 3%. On top of that, the government will give you 50 cents for every dollar you put in – up to $521 each year.

HOW? Make sure you’re contributing at least 3% to get your employer’s contribution, and $1043 each year to get the government money. To find out how much you’re currently putting in, check your payslip or go to


When you put money into KiwiSaver, it is joined by three more flows of money: from your employer, from the government and from the market (where that money is invested). This makes it so much more powerful than just regular saving. You don't have to be working to be in KiwiSaver, although you do need to be living in New Zealand and be eligible to live here indefinitely. Here's how to get the most out of KiwiSaver.

Many of us were opted in automatically at first and never looked into it. If this is you, good news: you may have more in your account than you realised! But you also may not be getting all the government money you could, you may be paying too much tax, or your money may be flowing into a fund that’s entirely wrong for your situation. It definitely pays to check. If you’re not sure who your provider is, you can find out by signing up to myIR Secure Online Services, or by calling Inland Revenue.

Let's work backwards from your goals: if you're saving for a home and/or retirement, how much would you like to have and how soon? Those questions can drive your choices. And if you take a moment to put in your information into our KiwiSaver savings calculator, you can get an idea of what you're on track to achieve. A bit underwhelmed? Try adjusting your contribution rate to see how much difference it makes.

Yes, along with growing a nest egg for retirement, buying a first home is one of the goals that KiwiSaver is made for. Part of the purpose of KiwiSaver is to help us grow assets, and one way is by using it for a first-home withdrawal when you've built up some money in it. The second way is through a KiwiSaver First Home Grant, which could give you as much as $10,000 more for a home. Find out more here.

Check your tax rate


Some pay more tax than they need to in KiwiSaver, so it pays to make sure your PIR (prescribed investor rate) is correct. If it’s wrong, changing it could make a difference on average of $26,000 in KiwiSaver.


Check your prescribed investor rate (PIR) with your KiwiSaver provider.

Is your income less than $48,000 each year?

Why it’s important to find the right type of fund

KiwiSaver funds come in five types, based on the mix of investments they hold. Which one you’re in can make a huge difference to your results. Let’s say you earn $60,000 a year on average over your career – the difference between being in a conservative fund or a growth fund could be close to $133,000 by age 65. But of course the fund you choose has to be the right fit for you.

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Your Mix

Find the right type
of fund for you!

We’ve put the many KiwiSaver funds into five groups based on their mix of more risky investments, like shares and property.

Depending on how long you are investing for and your attitude towards risk, one type (defensive, conservative, balanced, growth or aggressive) will probably work best for you.

Answer these 3 questions to find the right type of fund for you.

How long before you expect to start spending your KiwiSaver money – for a first home or in retirement?
What’s most important to you while you’re saving?
What range of gains and losses are you comfortable with over a single year?

of answered.

Sorting your settings is a start. 

After you've gone through Sorted’s 6 steps, consider lifting your KiwiSaver contributions if you’re able to, to get even more out of it. How much difference could it make? Find out here.

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Tick your boxes

It's so satisfying. You can track your progress using your dashboard – add a task to your checklist, or set a goal with the amount you're aiming for.

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Feeling stuck? 

Flick a question to the Sorted team, or reach out to MoneyTalks on 0800 345 123 for personalised help.


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