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1. Dream

2. Plan

3. Achieve

Step 1. Add your goals

It's time to dream up some goals and set your direction. Below are ideas to get you started, or create a custom goal. Think of the possibilities!

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Step 2. Plan out each goal

Short term
0 - 3 years
Mid term
4 - 9 years
Long term
10+ years

Tips for setting your goals

Many goals have the best intentions, but give yours a better chance by making them S.M.A.R.T. - specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and timebound.

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Your goals need to be clearly defined – what precisely you will accomplish.

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Especially to track progress, a good goal needs data to quantify if you’re getting there.

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A ‘moonshot’ goal is fine, but breaking it into bite-sized chunks keeps it achievable.

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Does your goal make sense for you and your situation? Does it match your values?

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Every goal needs a timeline. How far off is it, exactly? When will it happen by?

Your goals

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Tips and tools for
achieving your goals faster

Budgeting tool

Creating a new money plan can help you find extra funds to flow towards your goals.

Savings calculator

Breaking down your goal into bite-sized chunks can help you see more easily how much you need to put away regularly.

Debt calculator

If you’re aiming to tackle your debt and be debt free as quickly as possible, this tool charts your way out.

How side hustles can help you earn extra money

A side hustle can help you funnel more cash towards your goal.

How to save money

If you’re getting caught up in ‘how’ exactly you will be able to achieve your goals, here’s our guide to saving money, particularly ‘paying yourself first’.

How to become debt free

Here’s a helpful guide if you’re looking to shed your debt, especially if you are juggling multiple debts at once.

Not all saving is created equal (hint: you may be surprised)

The most important saving is money put aside that actually improves your situation – now and in the future.

How happy is your spending?

When you’re trimming your spending to redirect money towards your goals, it’s best to keep those things that leave you most satisfied or fulfilled. Don’t cut the joy!

10 reasons everyone needs a rainy day fund

There are so many benefits to building an emergency fund.

Avoid getting hit with lazy tax this year

A ‘lazy tax’ is when you overpay for services like power, mobile plans, insurance and other utilities. Shopping around and negotiating can help you save.

Flip the FOMO! How to save without feeling you’re missing out

Why you should just ‘do you’ and home in on your goals.

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