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Money personality quiz

What’s your style with money? This light-hearted quiz lets you see your financial strengths and possible blind spots.

How this tool works
My money personality
Question 1
Besides necessities like food, clothing and shelter, do you spend most of your cash on
Question 2
Do you feel more drawn towards investing in
Question 3
Financially, you think people should
Question 4
Does following an overall spending plan
Question 5
Do you know or have you known someone who can understand the financial pages of the newspaper?
Question 6
Do you tend to discuss your money issues and ideas with
Question 7
Are you drawn more towards
Question 8
When discussing your friends' financial situations, are you more inclined to be
Question 9
You like
Question 10
Your hardest financial battles are with
Question 11
Would you generally
Question 12
When it comes to investing would you be more likely to
Question 13
Question 14
When it comes to money matters are you more inclined to want to
Question 15
Which best describes the way you think about your financial future?
Question 16
Do new people you meet generally see how you like to spend your cash?
Question 17
How would you say that people see you with money?
Question 18
You often analyse your thoughts and feelings and use them in making financial decisions.
Question 19
What is your attitude to bill payments?
Question 20
You often wonder where your money has gone.
Question 21
If seeing someone for financial advice, would you
Question 22
What would you be more likely to want from a financial adviser?
Question 23
You seldom think of how your past spending or possible investments could have affected you now
Question 24
When purchasing a new item such as a household appliance, are you more likely to
Question 25
Are you often forgetting where you put your wallet?
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