NZ Super rates – How much is New Zealand Superannuation?

How much is NZ Super?

You can take NZ Super into account when you're planning for retirement.

The current rates of New Zealand Superannuation (NZ Super) below give a broad idea of how much the state pension is this year. Could we live on that? If not, it’s time to put some other plans in place. 

Standard rates from 1 April 2022

Here are the current superannuation rates of NZ Super from 1 April 2022 after tax has been deducted at rate 'M'. For other tax codes, see the Work and Income website.


Standard NZ Super Rates (for tax code M)

Qualifying as

Weekly rate

Annual rate

Single: living alone



Single: sharing



Married, civil union or de facto couple: one partner qualifies (and the other is not included)



Married, civil union or de facto couple: both partners qualify



Married, civil union or de facto couple: one partner qualifies and the other is included




Source: Ministry of Social Development 

If you have income from another source (if you are still working or earn investment income), your after-tax amount of NZ Super may differ. You can find out exactly what you’re entitled to from Work and Income by calling 0800 552 002 (you’ll need to have your IRD number handy) or their websiteSee also Inland Revenue’s website for more information.


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