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As an
investor you...

Can achieve higher returns over the long term

Do not need regular income from their investments

Accept extreme ups and downs in the value of their investments

What can aan
investor expect?

Timeframe tool-tooltip How long before you plan to use the money you're investing? For your investor type and mix, you'll need to commit to investing for at least this amount of time.

13 to yearsyears plus

Returns tool-tooltip Returns are what you can expect to receive from investing in line with your profile. These come from your investments increasing in value or producing income. Figures shown here are before the effects of fees, taxes and inflation.




-8.7% to 25.2%

Chance of loss tool-tooltip Your investments can both gain and lose value for a while, causing your balance to rise and fall. How often might this happen? For your profile, here's an estimate of how often you could see your balance fall and experience a loss over the next three years.


1 year in 4.1


in the next three years

What mix of investments suits an

Your mix of investments (asset allocation) will drive your results – including the amount of money you get back (returns) and the ups and downs in value (volatility) you experience. For your specific profile, a typical mix might look like this:


invested in growth assets
tool-tooltip These investment mixes are only a general guideline, and your ideal mix will change over time as your needs and goals change. Growth assets are the riskier investments – shares and commercial property.


Shares tool-tooltip With shares you buy a slice of a company and receive part of its profit, either from dividends it pays or because its share price climbs. Here’s more about investing in shares.


Property tool-tooltip Property refers to commercial property or owning rental property. Here’s our property investing guide.


Bonds tool-tooltip With bonds you lend your money to a government or company and they pay you regular interest payments. Here’s more about investing in bonds.


Cash tool-tooltip Investors and fund managers will typically hold some cash, much like we would in a term deposit. Here’s more about investing in cash.

Steady investing makes a massive difference

Contributing regularly over time (dollar-cost averaging) is a way to get better results. When markets are up and investments are more pricey, the dollars you put in buy less. But when they’re down and investments are on sale, your money buys more. And it takes the guesswork out of deciding when to invest.


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Investor profiler


Investor profiler

Find an investing strategy that suits you best

As you put your money to work, how much risk is right for you? It depends on your personality, situation and the timeframe you’re investing for. Build your investor profile here.

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To invest well, it helps to know:

  • The type of investor you are (your profile)
  • The right mix of investments for you
  • The sorts of results
    you can expect