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6 steps to get your money Sorted
6 steps to get your money Sorted

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29 February 2024
Reading time: 8 minutes

How to grow your first million dollars (hint: start early)

Building up a million dollars for retirement is simpler than we think.  

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Budgeting Goals Managing debt Home buying Money tips Insurance Investing KiwiSaver
iStock 1292863259

12 January 2024
Reading time: 6 minutes

How to get the best mortgage deal out there

To put it mildly, the steep rise in interest rates ever since October 2021 continues to rock our world – especially the worlds of those repaying mortgages.

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Home buying
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17 October 2022
Reading time: 6 minutes

Shifting the dial – having the confidence to kōrero about money

Breaking down the importance of money conversations and how to have them.  

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Budgeting Goals Home buying
2022.09.19 Blog Picking a career that pays

19 September 2022
Reading time: 5 minutes

Picking a career that’ll pay for a life you’ll love

Struggling to know which career path to go down? Here’s why ‘passion’ shouldn’t be your only criteri…

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Goals Money tips Studying Career and income
2022.09.13 Blog My Money Sorted Manawa Aniwa

13 September 2022
Reading time: 7 minutes

My Money Sorted: Manawa & Aniwa

My Money Sorted is our series exploring people's experiences and views about money on their journey …

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Investing Studying Budgeting Women KiwiSaver Managing debt COVID-19 Te Ao Māori Pasifika

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