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6 steps to get your money Sorted
6 steps to get your money Sorted

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While buy now pay later (BNPL) can be a helpful way to spread payments, it is a type of debt and comes with risks. Did you know there are late fees if you miss a repayment? Be careful you don’t get trapped. That pay later can quickly turn into pain later.

7 tips for using Buy Now, Pay Later

  1. Think about the full cost. Buy Now, Pay Later can be tempting because we think about the upfront payment but we need to look at all the payments in total. What’s the total cost of what you’re buying?
  2. Make only one Buy Now, Pay Later purchase at a time. Try not to be tempted to take out more until the first is paid off.
  3. Use Buy Now, Pay Later to buy larger ticket items only if you have to. Better yet, save up for it instead.
  4. If you must take out more than one of these, list them all and set reminders in your phone when repayments are due.
  5. Make sure to have enough funds in your account when repayments are due, so you don’t get charged late fees.
  6. Don’t miss a payment. Missed or even late payments can mean massive late fees and penalties. And paying late can affect your credit rating too.
  7. Treat it like a debt, because it is. Remember, Buy Now, Pay Later is debt. And debt can be really hard to climb out of, especially if money is already tight. Always think twice before taking on debt.
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8 money hacks for the silly season

Giving is contagious, right? It’s easy to get swept up in the thrill of it all. That makes it challenging to stay checked in with our money choices. Here are 8 money hacks that can help you party on with less of that debt hangover afterwards. 

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Get out of debt

We’ve all been there – you see a great sale but don’t quite have enough money saved up so you use BNPL. And then the latest smartphone is being released or you’ve got to buy a present last minute for one of your friends. Why not take out another BNPL for those too? After all, you’ve got the money for the first payment and it’d be great to be able to get it now and pay it off later.

Well, that’s where things can start to go wrong. It can be easy to lose track of what you’ve borrowed, and before you know it, you’re not keeping up with the repayments and those late fees start adding up.

Tackle your debt

Wouldn’t it be an amazing feeling to be debt-free? Let’s tackle your debt.

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Practise safe debt

Whether it’s Buy Now, Pay Later or a credit card, there are safe ways to use debt.

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Calculate your debt

Set yourself debt-free! Work out the quickest way out for you.

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