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6 steps to get your money Sorted
6 steps to get your money Sorted

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How can I use money to get to where I want to be?


Whaia te iti kahurangi, ki te tūohu koe me he maunga teitei.
Seek the treasure you value most dearly; if you bow your head, let it be to a lofty mountain.


Having dreams is important

While sometimes it might feel difficult to achieve our aspirations, it’s important that we don’t let the natural ups and downs in life throw us. Hold tight.

Our ancestors arrived in Aotearoa after a long tough journey. But they held tight.

Upon arrival they were able to climb up maunga, look down upon the whenua and imagine their whānau thriving, living in harmony with te taiao, collectively drawing upon each other’s talents to look after everyone. This was the treasure they journeyed for, and now we are carrying on their legacy.

Sort your pūtea and thrive

Getting sorted with pūtea is one of the tools we now have in our hands. The more we learn how to make moni work for us, the more we can do to help our people thrive. Getting smart with pūtea means we know how to do things like growing it, by setting some aside for the future and make wise decisions like buying a whare for us and our whānau – which can increase in value over time.

It means learning about innovation in harmony with the taiao, providing delicious and nutritious kai, getting great educations. All this so together we can manaaki each other and continue to stand on top of maunga throughout Aotearoa.

““I’ve realised the importance of making a plan to have the things I want. But that in order to earn money, I have to work for it. In the thinking of making a plan, I learned how to save for a greater purpose. I also learned how to balance out how I save.””

Keani, 29

Free yourself up to dream big

Learning to get sorted with pūtea can sometimes feel like a drag, with words like ‘budgeting’ and ‘saving’ seeming like they’re taking away your freedom or some of the fun. Yet what we generally find is as we start to get sorted moneywise, we often feel less māharahara , and this in turn frees us to dream big and think about future aspirations for our whānau, hapū and iwi.

If you’d like to get smarter with pūtea, and learn how to make it grow, we’ve got some great guides that can teach you more about all the ins and outs, from how to save, to how to make wise investment decisions like starting KiwiSaver or saving for a whare.

You can see some great stories from other rangatahi about their journey with monitoo.

Learn more about pūtea

Want to keep learning about moni and your pūtea? Take a look at these resources that can help with some of the topics Te Kahukura and Honey talk about.

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Re: News & Sorted present:

Across social media there’s new kaupapa inspiring rangatahi to take control of their financial future. The Māori Money Movement series created in partnership with Re: jumps into the kōrero with rangatahi Māori about the financial pressure they’re facing and to take autonomy over their money.

Feeling stuck abstract placeholder
Feeling stuck abstract placeholder

The online movement inspiring rangatahi

Two years ago Te Kahukura Boynton had no savings and no income. Now at just 19 years old, she’s in her third year of law school and building on her dream to become a Māori millionaire.

Read more

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A budget is simply your money plan. Our tool can help you plan for managing your spending, and steering your money where you need it to go most.


Savings calculator

Saving up for something? This calculator shows you how savings can grow over time and the effect of compound interest on your savings.

Debt calculator icon


The longer we take to pay off debt, the more it costs us. So, if there’s room in the budget to tackle your loans, this tool can help.

Stories from real people


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6 steps to get sorted 

Don’t know where to start? Our 6 steps will help you to take control of your money. 

Head to the 6 steps

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Feeling stuck? 

Flick a question to the Sorted team, or reach out to MoneyTalks on 0800 345 123 for personalised help.


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