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If it’s important, it needs protecting. How many of us could afford to replace our home, car or other hard-earned possessions if something happened to them? We’d need insurance cover to make it through. And there’s no point building wealth over the long run only to lose it all when we really need it. Family members who depend on us may need protecting in case we die or are unable to work because of illness. It’s also important to let our loved ones know what we want to happen with our money and property when we die or are unable to make decisions for ourselves. 



Insurance is an important part of managing money matters. It’s a way to protect ourselves and our families against an unexpected financial loss. This might come about if something that’s precious to us is damaged or stolen. But it could also come from no longer being able to provide for our families because of illness or death. Having the right insurance in place can help bring peace of mind. 

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Wills and insurance cover need reviewing whenever we have big life changes, like the birth of a child or separation.

Enduring powers of attorney

An enduring power of attorney (EPA) is a legal document giving someone the power to act for us if, at some stage in the future, we lose the ability to make decisions ourselves. There are two types of EPA – one for money and property and the other for personal care and welfare.

Without an EPA, no one else can deal with property or financial affairs on your behalf.

Enduring powers of attorney guide


A will formally sets out how our money and property should be dealt with after death. Most of us would probably rather not think about it, but we all need a will, no matter how old we are. Dying without a will can cause a lot of unnecessary stress and cost for the people we leave behind.

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Family trusts

The aim of a family trust is to provide future benefits for close family members or to protect family assets. For example, many people in business use family trusts to protect their home in case their business fails.

Trusts aren’t for everyone – they can be costly and complicated. Get advice from a specialist trust lawyer or a professional trustee company.

Family trusts guide

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