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the road ahead


Riding out COVID-19 in KiwiSaver

Whether it be from Omicron or inflation, there's a lot of talk about the ups and downs in the sharemarket.

getting through together2


Key COVID-19 information

The global spread of COVID-19 and New Zealand’s efforts to slow its reach in this country bring up many questions.

Staying safe 1


How to stay safe from scams during COVID-19

If there’s one way that scammers are predictable, it’s that they will take advantage of people whenever they can. They see this as an opportunity.

lockdown yo yo


Getting through lockdown yo-yo

Lockdown yo-yo – spinning up and down through the COVID-19 levels – can be pretty tough. Especially when it affects our people, livelihoods and wellbeing.

social distance waving


COVID-19 spells change. Take advantage to design your ‘new normal’

These are wildly challenging times. While some of us bore the brunt of COVID-19 straight away, others have a rougher road still ahead.

7 things mouse


COVID-19 and your money: 7 things to do right now

The virus continues to upend our working lives, our kids’ lives, and our money lives as well.

Big Ben OE2


Will the big OE be back?

It’s been the Kiwi rite of passage, a veritable cultural institution even: the overseas experience.

Staying close staying safe


Staying close keeps us safe from scams, too.

“Who are all these muppets falling for scams?” I was once asked when I described how we are trying to spread the word about staying safe from fraud.

Repayment holiday 1


Repayment holiday pros and cons

These are holidays of a different sort – necessary, but best kept as short as possible.




We’ve rounded up some common financial jargon that makes people think: WTFinance does this really mean?! Te reo Māori version Bear markets, bull marketsWhen the sharemarket is trending down and the economy shrinks,…

Person is holding a can of food in the supermarket aisle and looking at the ingredient list.


#WTFinance is inflation on about?

Couldn’t help but notice the other day that my favourite pizza slice had gotten slightly smaller.

Te Wiki 2020


Mā ngā rangatahi tātou e arahi ki te ao ahumoni o anamata – Our young people will lead us to our financial future

“The need for financial literacy has never been greater,” I wrote in a paper almost 10 years ago. I’m beginning to believe my words were premature.