It’s a race to see how fast you can shed that debt.

Especially the
high-interest stuff.

The many places your money will take you

Money's not an end in itself – it's a means to get there. Think of a goal as a destination, and a plan as a map. Where will you head to next?

Think of the possibilities.

Setting your goals means it's time to dream. If you could do any of the following, which would you choose?


  • Holidays, travel, OE
  • Career break, sabbatical
  • Build community
  • Enjoy retirement
  • Retire early 


  • Christmas
  • A home deposit
  • Donate 
  • Study, retrain, change career
  • Kids’ education
  • Kids’ housing
  • Help the whanau
  • Build community


  • Build a buffer
  • A full emergency fund (three months' expenses)
  • More complete insurance coverage
  • Buy a home
  • Home improvements
  • A safer car
  • Change careers
  • Fund your retirement years


  • Cars
  • Boats
  • House
  • Gear
  • Gadgets
  • Doodads


  • Pay off student loans
  • Pay off all debt
  • Start a business
  • Lift KiwiSaver contributions
  • Invest beyond KiwiSaver
  • Investment property
  • Fully fund retirement

Push out further

It’s typically easier to set goals for the short term (1-3 years) – these come to mind easily. But since people tend to underestimate how much they can achieve in the long term, it helps to choose goals for the medium (4-9 years) and long terms (10 years plus) as well.

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Tick your boxes

It's so satisfying. You can track your progress using your dashboard – add a task to your checklist, or set a goal with the amount you're aiming for.


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