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Whoa! Things can get out of control. There are some weeks when the costs seem to come at us from all directions – school holidays come around again, sports subs are due, there's a birthday to buy for ... it’s easy to feel like it’s all veering a bit off track.

I'm due a trip to the dentist, and there's that car repair bill – there seems to be no shortage of things that require paying!

All of which means it’s time to grab the wheel and turn this vehicle – which is what money fundamentally is – back in the direction we want. That way we’ll make sure we reach our destinations in life.

Sorted’s budgeting tool is where to set up your shiny new plan for your incomings and outgoings. The key is to not only funnel any extra money towards those past expenses, but to also get it flowing towards your future goals.

If you’re self-employed or working multiple gigs these days, the team over at Hnry has built an impressive platform to help you manage all those “little windfalls” you get each time you’re paid.

And if you’re just beginning to sort your money out, it’s not hard to get started. Sorted has six steps that, straight away from the first dollar, will see you get ahead financially:

  1. Start your safety net.
  2. Get your KiwiSaver settings right.
  3. Start tackling your debt.
  4. Cover your people, money, stuff.
  5. Run your retirement numbers.
  6. Set your targets, then hit them!

But if you’re stuck in a rut and need more personalised help, the team over at MoneyTalks is at the ready. It’s run by the government-supported FinCap agency, and offers free budgeting advice by phone (0800 345 123), text (4029), email or live chat.

With your finances more under control and headed in the direction you want, you’ll soon be in a much better place financially. When costs seem to come at you from everywhere, you’ll be able to cruise right on through and stay on track.

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Gravatar for Tom


4:17pm | 1 Mar 2019

Hi Bella, thanks for commenting on Sorted. The main thing here is that you’re saving regularly and automatically, which is the best! Well played.
Once that is set up, the key is to check what you get for setting all that money aside. All Christmas clubs are not equal and have a variety of restrictions, so we recommend shopping around first to compare. Once signed up though, you should make sure you are taking advantage of all the benefits offered by the club as much as possible.

Gravatar for Bella


7:25am | 27 Feb 2019

Your thoughts please on Christmas club cards? I have just joined up and am making automatic payments of $50 per fortnight to it. Is this an acceptable amount of should I be putting more or less into it. Also, do you have any thing else I should be considering with regard to the money I am putting toward this? Would it be better put elsewhere?