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Found: a big five hundy left lying on the table. Don’t forget yours!

Yet tens of thousands of Kiwis do.

You see, for every dollar you put into KiwiSaver, the government puts in 50 cents – up to $521 a year. Every year.

So if you’re not contributing to your KiwiSaver fund, or you’re not in KiwiSaver yet,  you’re missing out on the government’s contribution to your future. It’s money that should be yours.

A 18 year old in KiwiSaver getting that $521 boost each year, for example, could have as much as $36,000 more for their retirement when they reach 65.

So are you contributing enough?

If you’re earning a salary of $34,762  a year or more and contribute the minimum 3%, then good news – you’ll be getting the full whack from the government. (If that’s you, the next step is to make sure you’re in the right KiwiSaver fund.)

But if you earn less than that, you can contribute more to avoid missing out. The magic number to aim for is $1,043.

Especially if you’re self-employed, a stay-at-home parent or just on a savings suspension, you need to aim to put in $1,043 each year to get the full $521. That works out to just over $20 a week.

Now if you’re contributing less than that, you’re still getting 50 cents on every dollar you put in. All is not lost.

For example, let’s say you earn $25,000 a year and contribute 3%. You’re putting in $750 and the government adds $375. Which is great, but it’s not the full five hundy.

But during the week to come – before mid-June – you can put in a lump sum and bring your contributions up to $1,043 to get the full boost, which will go into to your account in late July or August.

How can you top up? Contact your KiwiSaver provider today to make arrangements. 

Why leave money on the table?

Comments (11)

Gravatar for Tom from Sorted

Tom from Sorted

12:27pm | 23 Mar 2023

Sure does Jeff. When you switched your contribution history would've transferred along with your funds.

Gravatar for Jeff


8:24pm | 21 Mar 2023

So I was with Milford but changed to Westpac a month ago. Do my contributions to Milford automatically get accounted for?

Gravatar for Tufau


11:33pm | 5 Aug 2022

Thanks Tom

Gravatar for Tufau


11:32pm | 5 Aug 2022

Thanks Vivid for letting me know

Gravatar for Tom from Sorted

Tom from Sorted

4:29pm | 4 Aug 2022

Thanks Vivian, it gets paid into your KiwiSaver account each year, around now actually (typically late July, early August).

Gravatar for Vivian


4:20pm | 4 Aug 2022

I want to know, does this $521 come in to your bank account?

Gravatar for Nasreena Jan

Nasreena Jan

8:20pm | 13 Jan 2022

Can outsiders invest in New Zealand , especially from India?

Gravatar for TM Wert

TM Wert

8:06pm | 6 Aug 2021

Not completely true!!! 18 to 65 is 47years working. $521 times 47 years = $24,487.00 NOT $36,000.
Please use the correct number, still a good amount of free money :)

Gravatar for Michelle Romaine Marino

Michelle Romaine Marino

9:30pm | 12 Aug 2020

Am I able to still put in my Kiwisaver contribution after the deadline of June?

Gravatar for Fiona


9:15am | 30 May 2020

Hi, I contribute 1 lump sump only each June 5th too make sure I receive the government max. This year I turn 65 in August. How do I find out when the government contribution is added. I understand that after 65 I will no longer receive it. Will I get it this year?