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How to protect yourself from fraud and being scammed

Become a real-life superhero by arming yourself with the information you need to fight fraud and keep yourself, your family…

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Be aware of email scams! Stop and think. Is this for real?

Here's how to spot an email scam – check out this video.


Get savvy on scams

If only we could say that scams are becoming a thing of the past.


Is this for real?

The right answer to “Have you ever been scammed?” may not be yes or no – it’s “I really don’t know”.


How to spot a pyramid scam

It’s Fraud Awareness Week. By working together, talking about scams and reporting them, we can keep each other safe.


Gone spear phishing

Many times what connects us gets used against us. With so much of the world using email, it’s unfortunately become the weapon of choice for fraudsters.


How to stay safe from scams during COVID-19

If there’s one way that scammers are predictable, it’s that they will take advantage of people whenever they can. They see this as an opportunity.


Ever been clickjacked?

My father was driving overseas when he noticed some people on the roadside pointing at his front tyre, as if something was seriously awry.


Staying close keeps us safe from scams, too.

“Who are all these muppets falling for scams?” I was once asked when I described how we are trying to spread the word about staying safe from fraud.


People's affinity for fraud

It’s one of life’s beautiful things – that connectedness you can experience when you’re part of a community.


Spot that scam! 8 signs of financial fraud

Are there bullseyes on our backs? Just three weeks ago one of the team at Sorted had their bank account drained in a “phishing” expedition, to the tune of $14,000!…


Targets on our backs

Hey, want to see a fake website? Looks pretty authentic, right? In this era of fake news, there are plenty of phony companies and websites out there.