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If only we could say that scams are becoming a thing of the past. But as police showed when they tracked 900,000 fraudulent calls from a single phone number in June and July, the trend is quite the opposite.

And since many victims don't report it because they feel there's no point, there’s a lot more fraudulent activity going on than we hear about. (Here’s where to report a scam.)

So we all need to upskill to protect ourselves and those around us from frauds and scams. To help, join us this Thursday at 8pm on Sorted Live for a conversation with Bronwyn Groot, the Commission for Financial Capability’s new Fraud Education Manager.

With the silly season upon us, we’ll be making many gift and holiday spending choices online. How best to stay safe?

What are the psychological weapons that scammers use to get us to part with our savings? What’s the best approach to counter them?

We’ll cover these and many other topics, so bring your questions along and make sure to join this important conversation. Your financial future could depend on it.

About Bronwyn

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If you are ever in the unfortunate position of being caught out in a fraud or scam, Bronwyn Groot is the person you want in your corner. As CFFC’s Fraud Education Manager, she’s an expert on scams, with multiple awards to back it up. Bronwyn has more than 20 years’ experience in the banking industry, including seven working in financial crime and security. She has heaps of great stories!


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