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My Money Sorted is our series exploring people's experiences and views about money on their journey to living sorted. We spoke with Sabby, an actor, model, entrepreneur and content creator with irregular income. She is a company director and has been self-employed for the last five years since she finished her degree in finance. She makes money from doing the thing she loves and lives comfortably.

What's the best money advice you’ve been given?

Have an abundance mindset over a scarcity mindset. This was the advice given to me by my self-love coach. Believe you will make money, and a lot of it in many different ways. Give generously, knowing it will come back to you, and decline monetary opportunities that aren’t right for you, knowing in your heart that something better will come your way.

Are you a spender or a saver?

I am a spender, but I do have some financial reserves for a rainy day and enough cash flow as a freelancer. I love living comfortably, but even when spending, I ensure I look for the best, most affordable options. I am definitely not a splurger.

What’s a memorable money moment?

Realising it’s quite easy to financially sustain yourself through self-employment. I always had the perception that I would earn more money and have more security from being in a full-time job, but I feel now that I have been able to earn a similar amount, if not more, with more choice and with more freedom being self-employed.

What makes you feel sorted when it comes to your money?

I like to keep large financial reserves due to being self-employed. Usually clients pay late, and jobs fall through, or there may be a chance of no work at all. So I keep enough money for at least 1–2 months of expenses in advance, so I don’t have to wait to be paid or worry about my living expenses.

What money beliefs have you inherited from your whānau?

Not to have too much debt. They learned the hard way. They have urged me to not have any personal loans or credit cards, which I don’t anymore. My dad has always been interested in his own side hustle of fixing and selling cars, and he inspired me to find a few of my own side hustles of my own.

What would your bank account say to you right now?

Put more of me aside.

What’s your proudest money moment?

Being able to affordably live in really beautiful homes in the last few years, with stunning surroundings – eat well, dress well and look healthy without worrying about the cost of it.

When you think about your retirement, what do you see?

I see myself working on what I love forever, and I feel that I will take large breaks from working to relax whenever it's needed. I don’t plan on rewarding myself at the age of 60 for working hard. I plan on rewarding myself every year, any time I accomplish a milestone.

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