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Investor kickstarter

To invest your money well, you need to see: 

  • What type of investor you are (your "investor profile")
  • The right mix of investments to put your money in
  • What sorts of results you can expect

Note: this is only a guide - a starting point before seeking expert advice.

How this tool works
Investor kickstarter
1. Your stage of life
What’s your age?
2. Your income
What’s your income each year?
3. Your time horizon
How long are you investing for?
4. Your preparedness
Do you have savings you can access if you lose your day-to-day income?
5. Your need for returns
What's most important to you?
6. Your debt
How much total debt do you have? (Exclude student loans, but include mortgages.)
7. Your outlook
Which description best fits you?
8. Your security
How do you see the security of your job, business or finances over the next five years?
9. Your comfort with risk
What level of risk are you comfortable taking?

Answer these nine questions to see your investor type.

Sounds like you're an investor

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Read More Read More Get Started
Read More Read More Get Started
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