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Helping people sort their money is great for businesses and the community. To help, Sorted has a range of resources you can use – all of which are independent, impartial and free. 

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Sorted booklets cover a range of key topics, and are free (up to 50 copies – for larger orders, contact office@sorted.org.nz). Because this is a free service, we try to minimise delivery costs by using post services where possible. Please allow 10 working days for delivery.

Thumb 3 Goals
Set your goals - English
Thumb 3 Goals TeReo
Set your goals - Te Reo
Thumb 1 Budgeting
Budgeting - English
Thumb 1 Budgeting TeReo
Budgeting - Te Reo
Thumb 2 Debt
Managing debt - English
Thumb 2 Debt TeReo
Managing debt - Te Reo
Thumb 8 Saving
Saving - English
Thumb 8 Saving TeReo
Saving - Te Reo
Thumb 7 Retirement R
Retirement planning
Thumb 4 Insurance
Thumb 5 Investment
Thumb 6 KiwiSaver
retirement cffc
The choice years
retirement cffc
Thinking of living in a retirement village?
Little Book of Scams CFFC v2
The little black book of scams
Money Mules
Thumb 9 Collection
Set of Sorted booklets


Sorted's free seminars have been designed for a manager or community leader to pick up and run with their teams or communities. Each includes a comprehensive facilitators's guide and presentation. They take about an hour, although we recommend more time for discussion.

Thumb Seminars 2 Debt
Tackling debt
Thumb Seminars 1 Budgeting v2
Getting ahead
Thumb Seminars 3 Goals
Setting goals, making a budget
Thumb Seminars 6 KiwiSaver
Dialling up KiwiSaver
Thumb Seminars 7 Retirement R
Retirement planning
Thumb Seminars 8 Saving
Saving and investing

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