Everyone has their attitudes and beliefs about money. What do you remember about money when you were growing up? Are you puzzled by your spending patterns? Ever wonder about why you picked up some habits, not others?

Why do I make the money choices I do?​

We all have preferences when it comes to the way we handle money, and knowing yourself and understanding your unique money tendencies can go a long way to explain why you make certain money choices. Some of us spend on quality, others on quantity. Or we prefer to spend on experiences over things. There’s no right answer, only a scale that we tip one way or another. It’s just important not to swing too far either way. Here’s more on your unique tendencies with money.

Why do I believe what I do about money?​

The homes we grew up in had an immense influence on what we know and believe about money. We absorbed so much about money without realising it! Our parents, whānau and environment shaped what we believe, so it can be insightful to look back in order to move forward. A lot comes down to what we heard at home about money, but it also comes down to what we felt, too. Take a moment to reflect on what money was like growing up, and you’ll find some explanations for what you believe.

Why don’t my partner and I see money the same?​

After growing up in different households, with varied work experiences and earning different amounts, we’d be surprised if you did, actually. (Did we mention that opposites attract?) Getting on the same page moneywise is one of the most important conversations you’ll have. Money talk can do great things for your relationship, especially if you find some shared goals. Here are tips for when you’re about to broach the subject, and for those times you can’t. It’s so worth it.. It’s so worth it.

Why do I get stressed thinking about my finances?

When your money feels out of control, it can lead to many anxious moments. Making a plan for your spending and staying on track can help. It can also be insightful to look back on the money environment you grew up in, since as a child your parents communicated emotionally with you about money. Was it a calm vibe at home? Or more stressed? If you were raised in an anxious or unstable money home, this will influence your thinking today. Here’s more on your money household growing up.

Why don’t I want to even think about money?

Sometimes we just don’t want to know how we’re really tracking, so being in a bit of denial about our situation feels better and avoids stress and anxiety (in that moment). Money comes in, money goes out – as long as you’re not at zero, it’s okay, right? At some stage, however, you will reach a turning point financially – when you need to do something radically different with your money to reach an important life goal. We’re here for you! Here's how to stop procrastinating when it comes to money.

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