Whether you’re putting away some savings for the first time or are ready to start investing, you’ll have questions. Maybe you’re wondering where you should be putting your money? Or how much risk you should take on?

How can I save when I'm living payday to payday?

Sometimes saving’s just not possible when you’re doing it tough. That said, many of us tend to inflate our lifestyles to be in line with our pay, no matter how much it is. We spend as much as we earn, and then some (using debt). A spending plan helps, as well as what’s called ‘paying yourself first’. The idea is, before you pay everyone else, you automatically tuck money away, even just a small amount. This way it goes to your goals – not someone else’s. Here's more on paying yourself first

How do I start investing with little money?

These days as little as $5 can get you started. Investing platforms such as Sharesies, Hatch, InvestNow or Kernel have lowered the barriers to getting started with investing. You no longer need steep amounts of money just to begin. To start though, it helps to map out your spending plan (aka your budget) so that you can flow more money towards your investing. The more you do, the better results you can get. Here's where to start your plan

I’ve got money in the bank getting next to no interest. But I have no idea about investing – help!

We feel your pain – everyone goes on about compound interest and all that, but if there’s not much around to compound (and it’s still getting taxed), you get nowhere. The way to start investing is to learn some basics and give it a go. Now we’re not encouraging everyone to take too many risks (no sense losing sleep over this), but investing can help your money keep growing so you get something back into your pocket. Here’s where to start with investing

I'm looking to invest in shares. Where do I start?

You may already be investing in shares through KiwiSaver, so it’s good to understand how much so you don’t take on more risky investments than you intend. Then, beyond KiwiSaver, depending on what you're looking to achieve with your share investing, it helps to figure out how much of your money you want invested in shares – your mix of investments. To check out the most appropriate mix for you and your situation (often called your ‘risk profile’), here's our investor kickstarter.  

Should I save or invest or do both?

Both, ideally. And without setting aside savings, there won't be anything to invest! But it always will depend on what that money is for. If you are saving up an emergency fund, for example, you wouldn't typically invest it or lock it away. If you are saving up for a house or retirement, you'll probably want to invest in order to hit these larger targets you're aiming for. Because larger goals take much more to achieve, for many of us investing is part of our future. Here are some fundamentals to investing

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