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knowing your rights


Knowing your rights

Understanding your rights as a consumer and as an investor can make a big difference should things go pear-shaped.

Stretching retirement savings


Stretching our retirement savings

How do we turn our life’s savings into a steady income?

guide getting a mortgage


Questions to ask a lender

It's important that you know just what you can and can’t do with a loan, and what the costs are,...

life event losing a partner


Losing a partner

Losing a partner is no time to have to deal with money issues. Yet there is quite a lot to...

life events redundancy



The uncertainty that comes with losing a job or redundancy is a challenge, but leaving one role always opens up...

life event separation



Separation or divorce is a stressful and upsetting time. It also unfortunately negatively impacts any wealth that has built up...

life event starting work


Starting work

One of the best things about starting work is the freedom that comes with earning our own money! It’s a...

life event living in retirement


Living in retirement

These are the choice years, when we’ll finally have the time and freedom to do all those things on the...

life event getting a fine


Getting a fine

No-one likes fines, but the quicker we pay them the better off we’ll be. Unpaid fines can end up costing...

life event studying



Studying can be an investment in our future. Interest-free student loans seem like easy money, but borrowing too much could...

life event going flatting


Going flatting

Sharing a flat is a big step towards being independent, but it also means we have to get used to...

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Get out of debt fast

The longer we take to pay off debt, the more it costs us. So if there’s room in the budget,...

guide wills



Why do we need a will? People mainly use them to write down family members they want to provide for...

life event moving to retirement village


Choosing a retirement village

Decisions about retirement villages are important; they tend to have a long-term personal and financial impact. Buying into a retirement...

guide shares



When we buy a share, we're buying a small part of a company and a share in any profit the...

life event buying a first home


Buying a first home

Getting into a first home takes careful planning and, for most of us, serious budgeting! These tips for first home...

guide saving


Saving: Paying ourselves first!

One of the best habits we can get into is “paying ourselves first” and making it automatic. The more we...



Being in a relationship and growing money together

Being in a relationship brings new opportunities to build wealth that we wouldn’t have on our own. Moving in together...

guide retirement planning


Planning for retirement

Ask anyone who's retired and they will say to start saving as soon as you can! Even if it seems...

life event having baby


Baby on the way?

Finding out we’ve got a little bundle of joy on the way is an exciting milestone! A new arrival is...

guide retirement income


Retirement money

Statistically we’re living much longer these days. Seeing that we could be retired for more than 25 years, we’re going...



Making money plans with your partner

If we’re partnered up and planning, both sides need to be involved in the process. It’s all about getting on...

guide nz super rates


This year's NZ Super rates

The current rates of New Zealand Superannuation (NZ Super) below give a broad idea of how much the state pension...

guide nz super


About NZ Super

New Zealand Superannuation (NZ Super) is the government pension paid to Kiwis over the age of 65. Any eligible New...

guide net worth


Net worth

Simply put, net worth is the difference between the value of what we own and the total amount that we...

guide mortgage types


Mortgage types

There are many types of mortgages, each with its own interest rate, fees and flexibility. Each of these things affect...

guide budgeting2


Money tracking

Budgets help us plan where our money should be going, but it’s also important to track where our money actually...

guide managing your mortgage


Managing a mortgage

It can feel good being a home sweet homeowner! But – and there is “the but” – we still need...

guide investing in property


Investing in property

Lots of New Zealanders own rental property – it has been a popular form of investment over the years. The...

guide investing basics


Investing basics

When it comes to investing, there are some key fundamentals. Think of them as a cycle to come back to...

guide investing


About investing

Investing is all about buying things that put money back into our pockets. Sound intimidating? It’s really not. Those of...

guide getting a mortgage


Shopping for a mortgage

A house is often the biggest purchase of our lives, and a mortgage (also called a home loan) is typically...

guide insuring yourself


Insuring ourselves

When we’re fit and healthy, it’s hard to imagine life changing. But what would happen if we couldn’t earn an...

guide insuring your home


Insuring our homes

Since a home will probably be the biggest asset we own, we’ll need to protect it in case something unexpected...

guide student loans


Student loans

Borrowing to study can be a great opportunity, although it’s important not to borrow more than we need.

guide insurance types


Insurance types

Life is full of risks of things that could happen – the house burning down, the car being stolen, illness...

guide insurance


About insurance

Sometimes things go pear-shaped. If an earthquake strikes, our house burns down, our car is in a crash or we...

guide hire purchase


Hire purchase

With an HP we can take home a product and use it while we’re paying it off. It can seem...

guide setting goals


Setting goals: Targets to shoot for

Here’s the first step to sorting our finances: working out where we want to be moneywise and what our priorities...

guide personal loans


Personal loans

People use personal loans to pay for all kinds of things – weddings, renovations, holidays or consolidating their debts. They’re...

guide managed funds


Managed funds

Instead of investing directly and doing it all ourselves, we can invest in a managed fund where our money is...

guide family trusts


Family trusts

The idea with a family trust is to protect the ownership of our assets. Here’s how these work: we transfer...

guide powers of attorney


Enduring powers of attorney

An enduring power of attorney (EPA) is a legal document giving someone the power to act for us if we...

life event having baby


KiwiSaver: Looking after it

KiwiSaver is easy to join, and keeps ticking along in the background. But to make the most of our savings...

guide managing debt


Before borrowing

Debt comes in many forms – credit cards, hire purchase, car loans, personal loans, mortgages, student loans. There's no shortage...

guide credit history


Credit reports

We’re getting identified more and more by our credit reports these days. When businesses decide whether to lend us money,...

guide kiwisaver schemes funds


KiwiSaver: Which fund suits?

KiwiSaver is a great way to get ahead financially. There are some key choices to make, however, to get the...

guide compound interest


Compound interest: friend or foe?

Einstein called it the ‘eighth wonder of the world’. He was talking about compound interest, which supercharges our savings and...

guide debt consolidation


Consolidating debt

‘Consolidating’ debt means taking out a new loan to wrap all our existing debts together and pay them off at...

guide credit cards


Credit cards

Credit cards are an easy way to pay for things with a quick swipe or tap, but they can be...

life event having baby


KiwiSaver: how it works

KiwiSaver is an easy and affordable way to save for retirement. Most of us can benefit from joining, if we...

guide your investor profile


My investor type

To be successful with investing, it’s important to figure out what type of investor we are, which is sometimes called...

guide car loans


Car loans

Most vehicles – unless they’re classic cars – quickly go down in value, not up. So borrowing to buy a...

guide kinds of investments


Kinds of investments

Investing is the best way to grow wealth and get our money working for us – but how? There are...

guide budgeting


Budget - don't fudge it!

‘Budget’ doesn’t have to be a dirty word. It’s just a simple plan showing what money we expect to receive...

guide borrowing for a mortgage


How much can I borrow?

The amount we can borrow for a home depends on a couple of things: how much we can afford to...

guide bonds



When we buy a bond, we’re lending money to a government, council or company. In return they promise to pay...

guide bank deposits


Bank deposits

Still keeping a stash of cash under the mattress? Savings accounts and term deposits with a bank, credit union or building...

guide investing questions


Investing questions

Ready to start investing? The next step is to make sure we do a good job of it and get...

guide investment advice


Investment advice

Advice on investments is widely available. Financial planners, insurance companies, sharebrokers, banks and financial advisers are all more than happy...

guide getting advice


Getting advice

Managing money can be challenging – not all of us have the skills to sort out the more complicated stuff....

guide asset protection


Assets: Protecting what's important

Protecting your assets is important, from insuring your house to making a will. Learn more about the different types of...