Less than half of adults in NZ have a will, which means some of us could be leaving our families in a huge mess when we pass away. 

So how do you get started, and what exactly are you entitled to? Retirement Commissioner Diane Maxwell spoke to The AM Show.

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Got yourself a will yet?

We’re offering up an official Sorted challenge for the next four weeks to get yourself a will. It doesn’t have to be a pricy job either as many lawyers will write them for free and some online platforms offer free or low cost options. 

Wills are important as they help us sleep easy knowing that our children, pets, house and other assets are going exactly where we want them to when we pass away. It also ensures there are no arguments about funeral arrangements among family members.  

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2:16pm | 20 Aug 2018

What concerns me about this interview most is that the Retirement Commissioner doesn't know the different between a Power of Attorney, Enduring Power of Attorney and an Advance Medical Directive. You don't need to see a lawyer to make a will you do for an Enduring Power of Attorney. If your lawyer wants $1,000 for writing your will run.

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2:13pm | 20 Aug 2018

Justly.co.nz allows you to make a fully customisable will covering all the main elements for under $50 including 7-day support and cloud storage.