When Sarah’s husband Pani passed away, she found it difficult to maintain their large family home and felt it was time to move. Although Sarah was a fit 74-year-old and still able to drive, her son suggested a retirement village. Sarah did her research. She looked at several retirement villages in her city, talked to the residents and compared facilities. She listed the advantages and disadvantages of retirement village living compared to staying at home.

Next, Sarah talked to an independent financial adviser with experience in retirement villages, to compare costs and restructure her finances so she'd have enough income to live on at the village.

She consulted a lawyer, who helped her and her son understand the legal, financial and lifestyle issues associated with retirement village contracts. After checking out the retirement village she liked again, Sarah sold the family home and, in the presence of her son and her lawyer, signed the legal documents to move in.

Life at the village turned out to be comfortable. Sarah felt she'd struck a good balance between living independently and having access to support when she needed it.


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