Keen to be better with money in 2017? Need a regular dose of inspiration? Want to learn more about personal finance? I’ve rounded up a few different podcasts that just might help you with getting your money sorted this year.

So Money

Listen if you’re: Looking for financial inspiration and tips

So Money with Farnoosh Torabi is a down to earth podcast about making money work hard for you and building a wealthier, happier life. She frequently tackles questions from listeners, offering advice on everything from negotiating raises to the etiquette of gift giving and getting your partner more involved in the finances. She also offers the perspective of being a female breadwinner – an increasingly common scenario these days.

Bad With Money

Listen if you’re: Not great with money and feeling alone

Bad With Money by Gaby Dunn might be the money podcast for millennials. She’s refreshingly upfront about her childhood, her lack of financial education and the mistakes she’s made. Episodes include conversations with her parents, sister, boyfriend, a psychologist, and fellow creative professionals about the ways in which money makes us feel lost, scared and confused.

Open Account

Listen if you’re: A bit of a voyeur

Open Account with Suchin Pak is a podcast all about money – making it, losing it, living with it. She interviews people from all walks of life, tackling personal finance in relation to marriage, divorce, entrepreneurship, immigration, even social class. It’s not so much about the nuts and bolts of money; less finance and more personal, if you like. (The episode in which she interviews Neal Gabler - whose Atlantic cover story last year on the financial struggles of the middle class went viral - is a highlight.)

Listen Money Matters

Listen if you’re: Interested in plain English money talk mixed with lots of personal banter

Two guys, one podcast - tagline ‘not your father’s boring money show’. With the help of guest interviewees, Andrew and Thomas break down concepts like dollar cost averaging and inflation, and cover financial topics ranging from franchising to profiting from the sharing economy and even preparing for kids. 

You Need A Budget

Listen if you’re: After practical advice with a philosophical twist

The folks at budgeting app YNAB regularly churn out podcasts that are often surprisingly thought-provoking. They’re all about helping you be more purposeful with your money and reflect on your choices and approach to it. No frugality police in earshot! Rather, it’s all about values. There are no judgements here about what you spend on, just discussions on making your money do what you want it to do.


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