There’s typically something shameful in “shameless self-promotion”, but not so this time – I’m proud to let you know that this week will see the all-new Sorted come to light. It’s a bright, shiny, new lens on your world, and it really is yours: paid for with public money, trustworthy, impartial and independent as always.

Yet this time, it’s everywhere: built from the ground up for whichever device you happen to be on. It gives you a clear picture of your money matters so you can see what truly gets you ahead financially.

Okay, so if the new Sorted is a “lens” – what kind is it?

  • Think ski goggles. Life is going by fast, and we’re all tearing down the slopes of our lives, carving up powder, dodging poles and looking for air. Sorted keeps your vision clear for your money matters so that you can get on with your need for speed. No fogging up the issues here…
  • Or a periscope. We may be swimming with the fish just fine, but every so often we all need to put the periscope up and look at where we’re heading. Are we making choices that push our net worth upwards? How will things look in 20 years? Are we on track for retirement? Up periscope!
  • It’s infra-red. Our financial lives have become more and more complex, and we need to see through it all. Sorted helps us do just that, seeing the true cost of borrowing, for example, and easily showing us how things like small fee percentages and KiwiSaver returns compound up to serious money.
  • How about a Hololens? If you haven’t seen one of these screens that wrap around your head and augment your reality, that’s the idea behind Sorted, too. Now if only we could find a way to walk through stores and see true price tags as we shop – depending on how we’re going to pay for it, and how much it will really cost us in terms of opportunities we may be walking away from.

Whichever way we’re using Sorted to “see”, the important thing is that we’re seeing things differently, and making choices that mean we’re doing things in new ways, too. There’s no point in seeing our way to being debt-free, for example, if we end up mired in more debt all over again. What truly gets us ahead? We need to bring our fuzzy futures into focus.

So – Sorted like you’ve never seen it. Watch for your new lens on your money world later this week.

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Gravatar for Ed


10:06am | 16 May 2016

What Belynda Said below, Massive Step Backwards to an over simplified tool that is not that useful now.

Gravatar for Esther Goh

Esther Goh

11:54am | 12 Apr 2016

Kia ora Belynda,

We're working on building functionality so that you can enter in individual expenses at different frequencies to suit your budget and this should be ready at the end of the month (as well as an alternative list-oriented view to complement the current visual layout). Agree the print version isn't the flashest - again, something we're working on to style up. Stay tuned, the easiest way to keep up with these updates is by following Sorted on Facebook.

Gravatar for Belynda Hibbert

Belynda Hibbert

7:06pm | 11 Apr 2016

The new budget tool is really limited compared to the old tool.. I saved my budget from before the new update and I've gone to put it into the new system and im really disappointed. No way to change the view to weekly/fortnightly/monthly at the click of a button. No way to get a printer friendly version.. It's a huge step backwards for someone that has been using the tool for many years.. Looks like I won't be using this service to sort my family budget anymore.. very disappointed... i had really enjoyed using a nz based tool :(

Gravatar for Martin


6:21am | 11 Mar 2016

Nice one Sorted!