A new year's a great time for a fresh start! Start the year off right with these tips to get your financial house in top shape.



Set financial goals

Set some goals for your money 

What are your financial goals for the year? Talk to your partner/whānau and make sure you’re on the same page.

Use the Sorted goal planner and give yours a name and a dollar value. Try breaking these down into smaller, achievable steps to help you reach them.


Make a budget

Revisit your budget

Budgets change as our lives do; does yours still work for your current situation?

Don’t have a budget yet? Then the Sorted budgeting tool is for you – you work hard for the money, now tell it where to go.


Review bills, look for better deals

Optimise regular expenses

Review recurring costs like internet, power and insurance, and check you're getting the best deal.


Plan to tackle debt

Make a plan to tackle any debt

Debt can be a drag - here's our guide to getting out of debt fast and a handy debt calculator.

Find out more about the two main methods to tackle debt – the snowball and the avalanche.

It may be worth looking into options to refinance to a lower interest loan, a balance transfer for credit cards, or consolidate debt.


Save an emergency fund for a rainy day

Fill your rainy day fund

Having some money tucked away for emergencies could save your bacon in a pinch.

Three months’ worth of expenses is ideal, but every little bit you can sock away counts.


Check insurance

Get covered

Most of us need insurance for the bigger things - our homes, cars, even our lives.

Check that your policies are still suited to your situation and you're covered for the right risks.


Review your KiwiSaver

Review your KiwiSaver

Make sure you're getting the most out of it! Use the Sorted fund finder to compare funds and check you're in the right type for your needs.

Looking to invest in other ways? Have a read of our guides on investing basics and different kinds of investments.


Make or update will

BONUS: Create/update your will

Without one, your wishes can't be followed! (And no, partners don't automatically get everything.) Be sure to revisit your will after any big life events like buying property; marriage or separation; or starting a family.



Money checklist - Sorted 2017

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