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Helping people get their money sorted can be good for business and the community.

People without money worries will probably be less stressed and enjoy better relationships, may take fewer days off sick and may perform better at work. If you want to help the people you work with or your community to get sorted we have a range of resources you can use – all of which are free, independent and impartial. Click here to place an order.

Sorted seminars

Sorted has free seminars on a range of money topics which you can run with your employees or members. You don’t have to be a money expert to deliver the seminar. Each Sorted seminar comes with a comprehensive facilitators’ guide as well as the presentation. And you’ll use our free Sorted booklets with the participants.

Each seminar takes about an hour but you may wish to allow longer for discussion. Click here to place an order.

Seminar facilitators

If you’d prefer not to deliver the seminar yourself, you may decide to use an external facilitator. Here’s a list of facilitators if you need one.

Seminar facilitators list (PDF 2MB)

Sorted booklets

We have Sorted booklets on a range of topics, from goal setting and budgeting to investing and retirement planning – and like all our resources, they are free.