debt empire

What's the objective of the game?

Grow your loan empire by using all the tricks and traps the industry has at its disposal. Tap, loan, collect, repeat. It's your job to make sure the cycle of debt never ends by making as much money as you can.


How do I play?

Give out loans by tapping on customers, then wait for them to save up what they owe and collect the spoils. Tap, lend, collect, repeat. The more customers you add, or the bigger the loan, the longer it takes to get paid back but the more moolah you make. 


How do I make money?

Click on customers to give them loans then collect on the loans to bring in the profits. More customers means more profits. And the bigger the type of loan the longer it will take to get paid back. Get managers, add some upgrades and kit yourself out with bling. It all adds up to earning faster.


Why can't I add more customers?

The more customers you have on the books the bigger the loans become. Make sure you have more in profits than the next loan costs. Keeping customers locked in a cycle of debt ain't cheap.


What does a manager do?

Managers automatically collect on loans for you so you can focus on other parts of your empire. Depending on what part of your business they are managing they have different salaries so you'll need to get busy making money before you can afford one. On the plus side they keep you earning even when you're not in the game. 


Why do I sometimes lose customers?

Loans get paid off. That's the nature of the loan game. If you leave the game for any length of time and aren't around to keep customers going from one loan to the next then they might just get lucky


Why is part of the game greyed out?

To grow your empire you need to take it one step at a time. As you start raking in the cash by ripping off customers in one part of the game, your business will begin to expand into other parts.


What are tricks and tools?

These are some of the clever ways a savvy debt-maker can trap a customer. Hidden fees, admin charges, high interest, it all adds up to more bling in your bank. And less in theirs.


How do I share my progress with Facebook friends?

Click on your Empire icon in the top left corner of the main screen. From there you can share your progress in the game and challenge your friends.