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A million New Zealanders use Sorted every year, and nearly 100,000 are registered Sorted users.

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1. Save your stuff

Use the tools on Sorted to your heart's content, and read as much as you like. But you'll need a Sorted account in order to save your results. Say you've entered some numbers into the debt calculator - just sign up and sign in to save the calculation, then come back and refer to them at any time. 



2. Join the conversation

 Your Sorted account gives you free access to participate in our Community Forum. Join the conversation, learn from others and post your own questions!


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3. It's free

It costs nothing to sign up. And it only takes a minute of your time.



4. Get the picture

The more you use Sorted and save your completed tools to your dashboard, the more you'll build up a picture of your financial situation - so you can see how far you've come and how to get ahead even faster. 



5. Trust us - we're independent

Sorted is run by the Commission for Financial Capability, an independent government-funded agency that exists to help New Zealanders get ahead financially.  We will never sell products or services to you.

(Oh, and did we mention it's free?)


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